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108 Newbury St. Boston, MA 02116
For inquiries please contact info@snappysushi.com
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Reservations are accepted, please call the restaurant at 617-262-4530

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Snappy's Creation of Brown Rice Sushi

As your favorite sushi bar, Snappy's contribution to your health and well-being starts with natural KOSHIHIKARI brown rice. We use only partially milled whole grain brown rice. Less processing means better nutrition for you. Not only is brown rice in vitamins and minerals but it also aids in digestion.

As you are transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, brown rice is an easy change to make. Our menu includes both wonderful combinations of brown rice and vegetables in addition to familiar and traditional choices.

So come to Snappy, where one of our goals is to help you look and feel better, while you enjoy your food and life! Celebrate our contemporary creation of the new style sushi! Set the trend - don't follow it.

Introducing all new appetizers and ramen menus (winter/spring 2016)

Our Newbury Street restaurant now offers tapas-style hot appetizers as well as made-from-scratch ramen. After 2 years of perfecting Tonkotsu at our Davis Square restaurant, we are passionate about sharing our love of ramen with you! Our Tonkotsu is setting a new trend in ramen, one bowl at a time.

About Snappy Restaurants

Under the direction of Kazu Aotani, Snappy Sushi opened its door at Newbury Street in 2008, and Davis Square in 2009, offering contemporary creation of the new style sushi. Since then, the team strives to add new twist to many Japanese traditional favorites, using fresh, local-when-possible ingredients.

In October 2013, Davis Square restaurant re-opened as Snappy Ramen, as the team moved the focus on ramen, especially tonkotsu (pork bone soup) ramen. With the same quality and creative characteristics as the acclaimed sushi from Snappy Sushi, both Newbury Street and Davis Square restaurants are now offering new-style tonkotsu ramen that no one has ever tasted before.

Whether at our bustling Newbury Street restaurant in the heart of the Back Bay, or in our Davis Square restaurant in Somerville, enjoy our modern reinventions of Japanese favorites while sipping a glass of chilled sake, wine, or beer.

Our Davis Square restaurant has moved from Highland Ave to 234 Elm St.
We now offer Gyoza and Sushi as well as Ramen!